Cities Can Post & Share Flipbooks to Engage & Educate

Is your town, city or county doing innovative work? Publish sleek updates online with flipbooks that educate and engage and can be shared on social media.

Local governments, like Jersey City, New Jersey, which is one of 12 cities selected in 2015 to participate in Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Innovation Team program, can use savvy online tools like flipbooks to share insights into innovative work.

The i-Team wanted to communicate with citizens and groups about stormwater infrastructure and water conservation and created a flipbook about the city's 2017 "Year of Water," which included City Hall as a demonstration site, the adopt-a-catch-basin program, a sustainability hackathon and other public events and news about stormwater management.

Flipbooks are a great way to share publications online, and a great way for local governments to promote awareness and increase education, such as explain challenging services like stormwater management. Flipbooks can be made for free on FlipHTML5 or ISSUU by simply uploading a PDF and copying the embed code and posting to a city website or sharing on social media. Advanced features allow for multimedia.

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The best part is partners can share them. Flip through the Jersey City Office of Innovation flipbook:

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