Clean Energy Creates Michigan Jobs

Experts say Michigan is in a good position to meet emission reduction rules by developing more renewable energy resources and continuing efficiency programs

By Jay Greene

Crain's Detroit Business

The wind and solar energy industries in Michigan are expected to continue steady growth and add hundreds of jobs over the next decade — regardless of what state legislators and Gov. Rick Snyder come up with in a final energy bill package this year.

That's one belief shared by executives of utilities, renewable energy companies, and of environmental groups alike.

Part of the optimism comes from a regulatory announcement earlier this month by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which issued final rules governing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

The EPA's Clean Power Plan requires states to reduce CO2 emissions 32 percent over the next 15 years from the baseline year of 2005. Michigan produced 188 metric tons of CO2 in 2005. By 2013, carbon emissions dropped to 70 tons with the EPA goal set at 47.5 tons in 2030.

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