How GIS Can Attract Business & Foster Economic Development

Learn how GIS tools and data can help your community improve economic development and planning.

Healthy data can get your community on the radar of business site selection professionals, businesses and prospective residents.

Roanoke County, Va., successfully branded their destination by implementing data tools that supported business development and expansion efforts. Esri’s Site Selector application and other GIS tools gave county employees the ability to develop applications for various needs.

On November 9, 2016, representitives from many cities joined us to learn how GIS can promote communities as great places to live, work and start businesses.

Jay Brenchick, Economic Development Manager, Roanoke County Department of Economic Development
Jay Brenchick, Roanoke County, Va.

Our speakers Esri's Keith Cooke and Jay Brenchick, economic development manager for the Roanoke County Department of Economic Development (RCED), Va., explained the business drivers behind GIS applications and gave demonstrations on the many ways RCED and others are leveraging the Esri location platform.

By providing expansive data needed to drive location site decisions, and the solutions needed to promote sites and buildings over the Web, Esri’s ArcGIS Platform makes it easy. Build the apps your community needs to grow--even with a small budget and no in-house developers.

Watch the webinar recording to learn how flexible GIS applications and community planning tools can make communities attractive to businesses and also help municipal employees and citizens explore government and utility services. You'll see first-hand how to provide the best available demographic and market data for decision making, and how working with GIS can greatly enhance your community's Web presence.

Watch the Webinar: How GIS Can Attract Business & Foster Economic Development

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