Applying Capital Grants for Education

Dr. Judy Riffle offers tips on how to convince capital grant funders that such needs will better serve a school’s goals and students.

Capital grants in education are used for one-time capital expenses that directly enhance a school’s ability to serve its students and achieve its mission. Grants may be used for such purposes as facility improvements, vehicles, equipment purchases and other non-expendable assets. Many times, funders of capital grants require the applicant to provide matching funds (when awarding matching grants, a funder agrees to pay an organization a specific amount of funds to match), challenge grants (when awarding a challenge grant, a funder agrees to pay an organization a set amount of funds based on meeting a set fundraising challenge) or give naming rights. Please ensure that you do research and that your board of directors is on board with the requirements of the capital grant you are applying for.

When applying for a capital grant, you need to describe the school’s goals and activities along with its students’ needs, and convincingly describe how a stronger school with stronger capital assets will better serve the school’s goals and students.

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