Denver Expands Enforcement Program to Increase Parking Revenues

Denver is expanding parking revenue enforcement with the PRRS Screamer PE1 program.

DENVER -- Parking Revenue Recovery Services (PRRS), Inc., which offers parking enforcement and collections services, has announced launch of the PRRS Screamer PE1 program in Denver.

The program kicked off in Denver last month and will expand to more 1,200 spaces at 15 locations throughout the downtown.

The turn-key enforcement solution is for programs with enforcement staff on the ground, fixed License Plate Recognition (LPR), collections, payment processing and state of the art technology with real-time reporting.

The Screamer PE1 program is a comprehensive parking enforcement program that includes, lot monitoring, payment processing, data management, collection services, call center customer service and fixed LPR, which allows enforcement 24 hours per day seven days per week.

PRRS guarantees clients the highest average of their current revenue while taking on all the expenses related to parking enforcement and they also receive a percentage of the upside, which could double current revenues.

"We are extremely excited to launch the Screamer PE1 program in conjunction with our existing All-Inclusive Parking Enforcement program in order to deliver the best turn-key enforcement solution to our clients. The addition of the fixed LPR solution will enhance our team's efficiency while allowing us to deliver parking enforcement 24-hours per day seven days per week which will include customized reports and dashboards to our clients. The Screamer PE1 program will definitely give our clients a competitive edge in the leasing market as they will generate higher revenues with zero enforcement cost. Our team is confident that our services will change how the industry approaches parking enforcement and collections," said PRRS Executive Vice President John D. Conway.

PRRS plans to expand it's Screamer PE1 program Nashville, Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Knoxville, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, San Antonio and Houston.

About PRRS

PRRS is the leading provider of Parking Enforcement and Collection Services in North America. PRRS provides customized enforcement and collection programs designed to increase revenue while eliminating expenses. PRRS creates exceptional value for clients, municipalities, universities and other entities by (1) increasing overall customer compliance while delivering exceptional customer service; and, (2) maximizing their collections revenue. PRRS clients represent the parking industry, including municipalities, parking operators, universities, public transit and property owners across North America.

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