Munis Can Get on the Gov2Go Mobile Services Platform

The new Gov2Go mobile services platform can be integrated with existing local government online services and is free to mobile users.

Local governments and states can take advantage of a digital wallet already built and stored on Microsoft Azure to offer citizens a mobile path to access services, pay for renewals and buy tickets. Created by NIC, Inc., Gov2Go is a device-neutral mobile services platform available to citizens and governments in all 50 states.

An All-Government Mobile Services Platform 

It's designed to eliminate perceived government silos, and it integrates with any government's existing online services accessible by API.

Citizens really want only one entry point into government" said Amy Sawyer, general manager of Gov2Go.

Gov2Go's goal is to eliminate the friction of dealing with multiple Federal, state and local agencies, and meet citizens growing on-demand digital service expectations. The free tool provides a personalized mobile government solution.

The tool begins by asking a few questions, and then loads services relevant and available to users. They can establish alerts and reminders, and one-click or biometric payment authentication (thumbprint payments) to process things like property tax payments, vehicle registration renewals and more.

Gov2Go enables a user's government interactions throughout the year to be tracked, provides customizable notifications and completes transactions.

NIC said capabilities to integrate Gov2Go with Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Echo, Google Home and other voice-activated devices are in development.

Federal and Some State Services Already Available

Gov2Go contains elections information and the ability to buy National Parks and U.S Forest Service passes. Under existing state contracts with NIC, some state services are already available for citizens to access via the mobile services platform.

An expanded library of government services are already available to Gov2Go users in Arkansas, Colorado and Nebraska, with more to come.

According to NIC, 20 percent of Arkansas's citizens have signed up for Gov2Go alerts.

“We launched Gov2Go in Arkansas because our citizens see government as one entity,” said Yessica Jones, director of the state's Department of Information Services. “They want government information and services integrated across federal, state and local government in one convenient solution. That is exactly what Gov2Go provides.”

Local Governments Wanted for Mobile Services Platform

NIC is looking for more local government partners to integrate Gov2Go. The cost structure is the same as NIC's existing flexible funding model, and services under existing state contracts may apply.

Watch the promo video to see how it works:

Learn more about Gov2Go on NIC's website.

Review and download the brochure:

Gov2Go Brochure by Ed Praetorian on Scribd

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