Case Study: City of Asheboro, N.C., Reduces Expenses and Improves Efficiency with Mobile311™

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The city of Asheboro started Mobile311 as a way to reduce expenses and increase efficiency. They started with a focus on reducing fuel expenses in the sanitation division.

Prior, sanitation trucks were making pickups at every home two times a week to remove household waste and collect recyclables. Additionally, a pair of brush trucks and a second pair of bulk trash trucks would cruise up and down every street looking for waste items to remove, a process that could take from one to three weeks to complete.

Now, employees picking up household trash and recyclables act as scouts for the others. They are armed with an app on a mobile device so they can mark the GIS location of every bulk waste item, pile of rubble, or any other waste in need of a visit by a collection truck. This lets workers see exactly where they have to go, know what it is they have to collect, and plot the most efficient route (in conjunction with other pickup points).

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