Spalding County Goes Mobile and Limits Liability with MaintenanceEdge™

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“In the past, we have had some pretty major failures with trying to implement maintenance software, and that made me wary about getting anything. But, my County Manager emailed me about FacilityDude by Dude Solutions and asked me to look into it. I investigated to see whether it was a viable option for us and felt that it was. MaintenanceEdge looked like it would be simple for our users and us, so that sold me.

Before MaintenanceEdge, the sheer volume of our paperwork was a problem. Our work orders were disorganized, and we didn’t really have a system. Everything was communicated verbally, and schedules were tracked in Outlook and on a desktop paper calendar. It was way too easy to lose work orders because of using all these different methods to intake them and track them..."

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