ShareBase Data Management Improves Hill County Operations

From courts to 911 services, ShareBase, a cloud-based sharing tool, enables controlled, authorized access to the county’s OnBase information system.

Like many municipalities, most of the collaboration in Hill County, Texas, happened through e-mail or paper even though the county’s central office has enterprise content management system.

Security concerns and costs precluded sharing content outside a central hub. The county needs a complete audit trail of encrypted activity and multiple levels of information security to control its records.

But the ability to share documents and electronic files amongst county staff and officials, and with partners and outside agencies, is vital to enhancing workflows and better serving residents.

Hill County turned to the cloud-based sharing product, ShareBase by Hyland, to solve this challenge. The tool not only enables efficiency across county departments, but is also realizes savings.

“The instant access we’ve gained to securely share information eliminates costly travel times, promotes greater visibility and increases collaboration between our representatives,” said Sharon Camarillo, the county’s IT director.

Critical Field Access to Data

County staff no longer has to travel to the central office to access critical records. ShareBase gives departments and partners located throughout the county’s territory authorized access to the central content management system. Self-service capabilities also free up support resources to focus on more strategic initiatives of their departments. The county is expanding ShareBase mobile access to employees from the field.

Camarillo noted that by adding ShareBase to its OnBase cloud-based content management system, the county maximized its technology investments while also following security requirements. The system “empowers staff to access critical information while maintaining control and governance,” she said.

Prior to ShareBase, Hill County’s 911 Addressing Office could only access 911 documents back at the office. Staff deployed across the county would have to drive back to the central office to locate the required information for each call location. With authorized cloud-based sharing, that information can now be accessed via iOS or Android App on mobile devices from the field.

First responders can even use ShareBase to update addresses on 911 calls.

Increasing Judicial Efficiency

With Sharebase, the county can enable authorized access to others, such as the Attorney of Record on specific cases. Lawyers can now prepare files from their office or wherever they are – rather than being forced to work out of the local courthouse.

Hill County Probate Court Judge and staff also use ShareBase to review dockets and case pleadings.

ShareBase Features

ShareBase is an IT platform designed for corporate use with key information governance features to enable government IT adminsitrators closely controlled user access and permissions. When used in conjunction with OnBase, sharing content is automated for seamless collaboration. It streamlines business processes through features like:

• Send a link to a document, then set the link to expire, to simplify processes like tracking surplus/salvage equipment

• Follow audit trails with notifications and displays listing activities performed on documents

ShareBase allows municipal governments to:

• Utilize role-based security by using organization-only email addresses

• Protect against unintentional access with easy revocation of user rights when users leave the organization

• Easily transfer content ownership during personnel transitions

• Utilize a purpose-built cloud specifically designed for content management, leveraging data centers strategically located across the globe

• Extend the OnBase information platform by adding automatic content sharing and collecting content from authorized users outside the firewall

“Everything from how the data is captured, processed, accessed, shared and secured was considered when we created ShareBase,” said Sam Babic, associate vice president of development at Hyland.

Learn more about the tool on the ShareBase website.

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