Top 5 Disruptive Technology Pilots That May Change Cities

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that serve human activities, from daily tasks to growing business, may change cities sooner than you think.

Research and testing of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies could be leveraged to address global problems like climate change, food systems and more in the future. But private sector companies are currently partnering to test AI opportunities in cities around the world now.

From self-driving rides that people can hail on smartphone apps and drones that automate daily functions like delivery services to automating crop production tasks, the following cutting edge pilots may soon change life as we know it.

1. Self Driving Livery Available

Automated Taxis Pilot in Singapore, Automated Uber Rides Option in Pittsburgh

In late August, nuTonomy launched a Singapore pilot where six electric vehicle taxis can be hailed by app, according to The AI vehicles are equipped with a driver that can take over when needed. Which is a good thing right now, because there was a recent fender bender.

Uber began operating a similar scenario last month in Pittsburgh.

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