Webinar: Increase Government ID Card Programs Security

Creating tamper-proof identification for government ID cards is just a print job away.

With security-related events on the rise worldwide, it’s more important than ever for local governments to improve the security of their ID card programs. But how do you take steps to mitigate the risk in your program while staying within your budget and timeline?

This webinar will highlight best practices in security for local government ID programs that help to:

  • Protect against fraud and forgery
  • Keep your first responders and public employees safe
  • Improve community relations

We will introduce you to secure and cost-effective card printing options from Entrust Datacard and ID Wholesaler. With these printing options, a "basic" photo ID card can be quickly transformed into a highly secure, tamper-proof identification credential.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can improve the security of your ID card program while you help protect your employees and community.

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