Miami Dade County Joins Waze Connected Citizens

Miami Dade County partners with Waze Connected Citizens to share data and gain traffic insights that can aid planning.

MIAMI, FLA. -- Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced that Miami Dade County is the first Florida county to join the Waze Connected Citizens program.

The county, with a population of 2.7 million people, will share transportation data with Waze. The goal is to help relieve the region's notorious traffic congestion.

According to Mayor Gimenez, the county currently has about 150,000 Waze users.

With the new data-sharing partnership, Waze users in Miami will get real-time road closure information and updates on traffic delays. Waze will also provide Miami app users with emergency alerts, such as when water and sewer pipe breaks reroute traffic.

Through partnership with Waze Connected Citizens, municipalities gain data, such as insights into gridlock locations. The data can help civic leaders make transportation decisions and improve planning.

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